BART Summer Symposium 2019

Saturday, May  11, 2019

8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

St. Petersburg College, Clearwater Campus

2465 Drew Street

Clearwater, FL 33765

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2019 Plenary Speaker:  Dr. Katya Goussakova

Dr. Katya Goussakova will discuss the benefits of

corpus linguistics for both students and faculty in

English Language Teaching (ELT).

Practical corpus-informed activities will follow a quick theoretical

and historical overview of corpora types and their use in language pedagogy.

Biography: Dr. Katya Goussakova is a Professor of English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

at Seminole State College of Florida, who received her PhD in Education,

TESOL Track from the University of Central Florida. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Goussakova has

taught IEP, French, SLA, ESOL, and EAP courses, has served as a reviewer, materials’ writer,

and editor for National Geographic Learning, Cambridge University Press,

the University of Michigan Press, and ETS, and has been active with local, state, and

international teacher organizations as a board member, presenter, and conference organizer.

Her current research interests include corpus linguistics,

heritage language maintenance, grammar (Folse & Goussakova, 2017; Goussakova, 2016)

instruction, accent reduction, and instructional technology.





2018 Plenary Speaker:  Dr. Jeffra Flaitz

Refugees 101: Just the Facts

There is no question that ESL teachers and other school personnel are facing new challenges as a result of the dramatic increase in the enrollment of refugee students. Their arrival has tested our linguistic chops due to the wide array of non-Indo-European languages they speak, and we are confronted as well by the growing recognition that refugee English Language Learners (ELLs) are different from non-refugee ELLs not only in terms of the degree and type of personal trauma they may have experienced but also in terms of the degree to which they may have had access to formal education. Added to this mix is a general uncertainty about who refugees are, why they are here, whether they stress our resources and threaten our security, and how significant are their contributions to our community. This presentation focuses on essential facts as the foundation for working with refugee populations.

Biography: Dr. Jeffra Flaitz spent 25 years teaching at the university level before leaving academia to work in the public schools and later in the field of refugee resettlement. She is author of a new e-book, Refugee Students: What Every ESL Teacher Needs to Know, published by University of Michigan Press.

BART SYMPOSIUM – June 10th 2017 –  Plenary Speaker


Enilda Romero-Hall Ph.D. in Education

Our plenary speaker, Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Design & Technology in the Department of Education at The University of Tampa. Dr. Romero-Hall obtained her Ph. D. in Education with a concentration in Instructional Design & Technology from Old Dominion University. Romero-Hall’s presentation on “Growth Mindset: Increasing Resilience and Creating a Love of Learning” delighted Bart attendees at our last symposium held on Saturday June 10th from 8:30am – 1:00pm at SPC in Clearwater.

 Each year, TESOL professionals share their teaching experiences through interactive sessions at our symposiums. BART puts on a symposium encouraging local TESOL professionals to share stories, strategies, materials, and research through interactive sessions that involve attendees in engaging discussions and hands-on learning experiences.

Symposia – 2017

Enjoy some of the presentations !

Toward Critical Media Literacy, The Basics of Audio-Visual Technical Analysis – Hema Ramachandran
Developing students’ English proficiency via idiom translation strategies – Liontas & Zhengjie Li
Using Diagnostic Writing Prompts to Assess Readiness and Differentiate Instructionin EAP – Maya Lane
Babak KhoshnevisanCritical Analysis of Idiom Processing Models in L1L2 Contexts – Babak Khoshnevisan
Using Genre Analysis as an EAP Framework – Harvey, Nielsen & Nye
Pinterest as a Learning Tool,in the Language Classroom – Alessandro Cesarano

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